The Trust

The first half of 2010, we embarked on an ambitious project that culminated in creating Esra's Trust. We funded our first project, which was an innovative electric powered wheelchair, called a SnapDragon. It is made in England by Dragon Mobility, a small family firm that understands the complexities of providing mobility to children like Esra. We were engrossed by the intuitive nature of this device that has elevating and standing features not found on pediatric machines available in the USA. 
We set out to raise the needed $30,000 USD since Tricare, the military health benefit, considered this device a luxury. We chartered a fundraising plan and shared Esra's amazing story everywhere we went. On airplanes, in driveways, at ballet class, and some news stories here and there. Within six months, we had the needed funds plus donated airline tickets, and room and board arranged at the nearby US airbase near Cambridge, England. We took Esra to England to have the chair fitted and customized to her needs, and then we brought our new little driver and her lovely Snappie home. 
Life is so different now that we have a child that seizes her day by what interests her and where she wants to go. She always was independent and curious, but now she can act on it. And she can tell us about it too. Almost from the moment she started driving her Snappie, her spoken language began to come out. When we left for England, she had one and two word commands. Her language was at a stand still from when she acquired it at eighteen months. Now, nine months after adding the SnapDragon to our family, she is speaking four and five word sentences! 
Her confidence gained from total mobility is reflected in the stories she can now tell us about her adventures, her defeats, and her successes. 
Thank you to all those who have supported Esra's Trust. She would not be where she is now without you.


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